December 18, 2014 | Incorporating the Inter-Island News

Island Postcards: Tom Powell

by Scott Sell October 15, 2014


Island Postcards: Sam & Doreen Cabot

by Scott Sell September 17, 2014

The Cabots own Foggy Meadows Farm on the island of North Haven, Maine where they raise Boer goats and Katahdin sheep with compassion. Read More

King tide's reign portends watery future

by Staff Writer December 17, 2014

Rough waters tip cement truck on Island Transporter

No one hurt; vessel succeeds in crossing from Rockland to North Haven

by Staff Writer December 11, 2014
The Island Transporter safe in the Fox Island Thoroughfare on Thursday, Dec. 11.
The private commercial vessel Island Transporter was ferrying a cement truck from Rockland to North Haven on Thursday, Dec. 11, when high waves caused the truck to shift on the deck of the boat and tip onto its side, leaving the vessel listing. The U.S. Coast Guard in Rockland reported that the vessel succeeded in making the crossing, with no one injured. Read More

Use your head? Then rely on kindness of Friends

Mobile pump-out service pleases boaters and improves Casco Bay

by Laurie Schreiber December 10, 2014
"Our idea was to have something mobile and relatively easy, so someone could make a phone call or, nowadays, a text message, 'Could you put me on your list to do a pump-out?'" Read More

Handling barges inspires awe, caution

A barge can be over 400-feet long

by Benjamin Stevens December 8, 2014
Handling cargo that is hauled on barges requires quick but careful work.
We operated bulk barges for gravel, sand and other loose goods; we also operated ordinary container barges, with containers stacked as many as six high (over 60 feet above the deck). And the most interesting by far are the rail barges on the Alaska Railway deliveries between Seattle and Whittier, Alaska. Read More

UMaine biologist studies Superstorm Sandy impact on tidal marshes

Findings will help direct restoration efforts, assist threatened species

by Staff Writer December 4, 2014
Brian Olsen
In January, Brian Olsen, assistant professor of biology and ecology, will start gauging the restoration of tidal marshes and birds along the same stretch of coastline impacted by the most deadly and destructive storm of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. Read More

Monhegan in image and verse

Two books celebrate island in photos and poetry

by Carl Little December 4, 2014
With its unchanging quality, Monhegan seems the perfect subject for Moore's "twice-seen" aesthetic. Other than clothing, a few satellite dishes and maybe a touch of vinyl on some of the houses, this island maintains a Brigadoon quality. Read More