August 30, 2014 | Incorporating the Inter-Island News

Eastport lobster business: 'Big portions, hearty meals'

by Leslie Bowman August 26, 2014

Monhegan's celebrated 'trap day,' fall harvest festival on Oct. 1

Full schedule of events for public to enjoy

by Staff Writer August 20, 2014
Farmers Market.

When Vinalhaven was its own service center

by Phil Crossman August 19, 2014
A team of local ladies, all mothers, and each among the most well-informed of the conspiratorial parents, handled every phone call. The town sported three full service automotive garages%u2014this before there were even many vehicles%u2014twine and net shops, several barbershops, a casket store, two cobblers... Read More

Marine Protected Areas—do they work?

Review of long-time protected areas reveals what works

by Heather Deese and Susie Arnold August 19, 2014
Researchers towed underwater cameras, conducted experimental fish sampling and surveys via scuba diving, and mapped the seafloor with high-resolution sonar and documented substantial differences. Read More

Travel writer Paul Theroux on rites of passage

Talk to Rockland-area youth group recounts global experiences

by Rachel Thomas August 19, 2014
Paul Theroux
"It's an odd picture, I suppose, to see me with a bag and a coat over my arm in a small village in southern Angola, but I was curious to find out what was going on." —Paul Theroux Read More

Historic Shipwrecks of Penobscot Bay

written by Harry Gratwick
reviewed by Tina Cohen August 19, 2014

Great White sightings continue on East Coast

Passamaquoddy Bay tour boat has close encounter

by Wanda Curtis August 19, 2014
great white
The tour guide reportedly said that the shark was so close "you could jump on its back." Read More

Islands produce a social capital surplus

by Rob Snyder August 19, 2014
Rob Snyder speaks with attendees at the Sustain ME conference.
At one point, I asked all 150 attendees to raise their hands if in addition to their businesses, they held a public office, volunteered on a local nonprofit board, or volunteered within the last six months. Read More