September 23, 2014 | Incorporating the Inter-Island News

The homesteader's August is bitter-sweet -- and busy

by Anneli Carter-Sundqvist August 28, 2014
The pig pen needs to be moved and if it's sunny tomorrow, I can paint the corner boards of the chicken house. I have to remember to check the Brassicas for caterpillars, remember to pick the onions soon, clean up the garlic, pick the Shiitakes, bag them, sell them. Read More

Island Postcards: Sam & Doreen Cabot

by Scott Sell September 17, 2014

The Cabots own Foggy Meadows Farm on the island of North Haven, Maine where they raise Boer goats and Katahdin sheep with compassion. Read More

Islanders say lobster license waiting list unfair

by Laurie Schreiber September 23, 2014
Sternman Zeke Freelove, right, speaks with Gov. Paul LePage, center, and Marine Resources Commissioner Pat Keliher during a late July fundraiser on Swan's Island.
Eight years ago, Zeke Freelove was No. 26 on the waiting list. Today, he's No. 16. He is unhappy with the glacial pace of moving to the top spot, which would allow him, finally, to get his own license rather than serve as sternman. Read More

Offshore sand and gravel extraction boon, threat

Maine, other states get federal funds to inventory resource

by Tom Groening September 23, 2014
A seawall is built at Popham Beach in Phippsburg in March 2013 to protect homes from the sea. PHOTO: TROY BENNETT/COURTESY BANGOR DAILY NEWS
When Superstorm Sandy rolled over the Jersey shore, it washed away some 20 million cubic yards of beach sand. Replacing that resource is not optional, many believe, because decimated beaches kill tourism economies and leave coastal areas more vulnerable to damage from the next storm. So where does the sand come from to replenish, or "nourish" those beaches? In the future, it may come from the ocean floor. Read More

More markets explored for green crabs

Gear, supply issues figure into profitability

by Wanda Curtis September 23, 2014
green crab
Maine researchers and entrepreneurs continue to work hand-in-hand to identify a sustainable market for the destructive green crabs wreaking havoc in Maine's $17 million softshell clam industry. Green crabs are predators that feed on soft shell clams, Maine's third largest fishery. Read More

Seafood processing bond goes to voters

If approved, $7 million will be awarded to consortium

by Tom Groening September 23, 2014
Question 7 came out of a comprehensive consideration of how state borrowing could boost employment, said Rep. Seth Berry, D-Bowdoinham, who co-chaired the legislative committee that made the bond proposals. Read More

Aging in place on islands: a worthy, but expensive goal

Island Fellow will work with four islands

by Susan Q. Stranahan September 23, 2014
Maddey Gates
"They have been paying their taxes and contributing to the community for many years, and we aren’t giving anything back to them." —Donna Wiegle Read More

One-time gubernatorial candidate says targeted 'story telling' will work

On the record with lobster marketing collaborative head Matt Jacobson

by Tom Groening September 23, 2014
Matt Jacobson
If Matt Jacobson's strategies work, Maine lobsters are going to start showing up on plates in cities like Pittsburgh and Charleston, S.C. And when they do, diners may be handed a small card featuring the name and photo of the Maine fisherman who caught that lobster. Read More

Holy mackerel!

Eastport breakwater is the place to catch them in late summer

by Leslie Bowman September 23, 2014
In late summer and early fall, mackerel have made their way to Eastport and the breakwater is the place to catch them. People line up to cast weighted lines with "trees," the term for the several sparkly hooks. On a good day, a bucket can be filled in an hour or so. Read More